ZOTTZ works on a simple yet extremely effective principle: Sensory Integration.

What does that mean?

ZOTTZ has ambience, it sits on the table beckoning the child with LED’s flashing and soothing sounds to interact, to press PENCIL, PINCHER, GRIP, SCISSORS. And on performing the Occupational Therapy task the child is rewarded by sensory feedback: LEDs flashing, music playing. This motivates the child to press and play again and again, focusing their fingers on learning fine motor skills they would otherwise not be motivated to do.


Zarrar used to wake up and say “Jingle Bells” when he was 3 and 4. Meaning, turn on ZOTTZ, and he would press on pencil and play with scissors so that ZOTTZ would play his favorite rhymes, including Jingle Bells – his favorite. This made his cutting, pencil holding, pinching, gripping skills develop far beyond what he was accomplishing just by traditional OT alone.